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Shenzhen Qingmai Bicycle Co.,ltd is a high-tech enterprise in Sensor Controlled Vehicles(SCV) after years of focusing on design , development and production from the very beginning. Qingmai has our own plant with more than 6,000 square meters, fully complying with ISO9001:2008. About day capacity, we are able to produce 800pcs E-scooters. Our products have been approved by UL2272, CE, ROHS and FCC for our rigid quality control process and continual optimization. As a result of strict management and outstanding customer service, our products are widely used by the clients in China, America, Europe, Australia, Middle East, Brazil and other countries throughout the world. Looking forward, Qingmai will constantly be committed to building long-term successful relationship with all the partners and customers to make our life full of safety, joy and intelligence.

Latest News

  • February 05 2021

    Which is Better, Electric Scooter or Electric Bicycle ?

    Electric scooters and electric bicycles used to be two completely different means of transportation: electric scooters are focused on portability and cool style, not only can be used for transportation, but also one of the most eye-catching fashion elements on the street; electric bicycles are both comfortable and cool. Fast and practical, it has been a popular means of transportation for more than 10 years. But now the situation has changed: electric scooters and electric bicycles blend with each other in terms of design concepts, electric scooters have become more and more comfortable and practical, and electric bicycles have become more and more flexible and lighter. Looking back, the two are no longer as clear as before in terms of portability and practicality. Below we will compare the safety, comfort, convenience, practicality and endurance of electric scooters and electric bicycles. Come and feel the difference between the two. Safety Electric scooters are small and thin and seem extremely unsafe. However, due to the low center of gravity of electric scooters, and most of them are driven in a standing position, there is no blockage on both sides and rear of the body. In an emergency, they can quickly get off the car and eva

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  • January 27 2021

    What are the precautions for riding an electric scooter?

    What are the precautions for riding an electric scooter? Be sure to tighten the screws everywhere before riding. To get a new car, the first thing is to tighten the screws. Because the screws are not tight, the car shakes during driving, which is extremely dangerous. Also check regularly! After repeated practice proficiency, then drive on the road. Don't be blindly self-confident. If you are not proficient, go on the road and run into a car, because panic can easily lead to danger. So be sure to practice repeatedly in the open space!

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  • January 26 2021

    How to choose a suitable electric scooter?

    Electric scooter is very popular, and the market is gradually heating up, forming a small wave of hot purchase of scooter. When consumers choose products, they will be dazzled and difficult to choose. Therefore, before choosing an electric skateboard car, we need to judge from various aspects, such as the manufacturer's brand, motor performance, battery pack, range and braking system. After comparing and matching our own needs and the above parameters, we can easily choose the products that meet our wishes Motor performance The motor is equivalent to the heart of the scooter - power output; the power of the motor directly affects the speed and fluency. The higher the power, the stronger the speed and power of the scooter, such as the dreamer L1 Plus, equipped with 350W permanent magnet brushless DC motor, rated speed 550rpm, maximum torque 15nm, strong climbing up to 20%, whether asphalt road or muddy country road, this power configuration can make people feel comfortable. B

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